About Mitchell Nadel

Based in New York City, Mitchell Nadel is a finance executive who most recently served as portfolio manager for Cinctive Capital, where he managed $150 million of assets and traded rates, foreign exchange, and equity indices within the US, European, and Japanese markets. During his time with the firm, he assisted with the launch of a new macro fund that started just six weeks after he joined. Prior to his role at Cinctive Capital Management, Mitchell Nadel served as the head of Americas macro trading for MUFG Securities, where he managed a team of 25 traders in New York and Toronto.

Mitchell Nadel has held a number of roles since earning his bachelor of science in finance and international business from Penn State University, including multiple positions at Bankers Trust Company, one of which involved an eight-month project in Malaysia. He also spent two years in Tokyo as a yen fixed-income trader during Bankers Trust Company’s merger with Deutsche Bank. Additionally, he served as a rates trader and as well as Trading and Sales Management for Bank of America in both the USA and Japan. Finally, he was Head of Fixed Income Japan, Co-head of Global Interest Rates, and Head of Americas Macro Trading at Morgan Stanley.